Musikkabarettisten Ape&Feuerstein beim Widerstandsfest in Gorleben

Ape und Feuerstein

Moralische Stärkung beim Widerstand

Der freche Humor von Ape&Feuerstein belebt die Geister und die Zuversicht, wenn man sich mal wieder im Zweifel über die Notwendigkeit seines Engagements gegen Mißstände befindet und einen kräftigen Schluck moralische Stärkung braucht.

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Glowing heath at Breeser Grund/Göhrde

Breeser Grund heath Göhrde Lower Saxony

Taking a quiet walk

“I`m not good at future planning. I don`t plan at all. I don`t know what I`m doing tomorrow. I don`t have a day planner and I don`t have a diary. I completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future.” – Heath Ledger

Anthropogenic heathlands are maintained artificially by a combination of grazing and periodic burning, or mowing; if not so maintained, they are rapidly re-colonised by forest or woodland.

Have your juicy cake in sommertime Wendland – embed a tweet

It’s just a little demonstration how to embed a tweet into your website. Can be very helpful to get more followers on Twitter and can push your website a bit. And it’s kind of fun, I would say.

You can see how it’s done in this YouTube video, is in German, but you get the point just by watching the proceeding:


Awakening first morning colours

Impressiions of sun rising colours

allow dawn its own slow pace

“…with a rush of feeling he felt that this must be happiness. As soon as the thought came to him, he fought it back, blaming the whiskey. The very idea was as dangerous as presumptive speech: happiness could not be sought or worried into being, or even fully grasped; it should be allowed its own slow pace so that it passes unnoticed, if it ever comes at all.” ― John McGahern

Am Sande – Lüneburg by night


Colors of light

Long bygone giants – Breeser Grund

Old oaks on Breeser Grund

Ghosts from foretime and future

When I revisit the area of Breeser Grund in the vast forest of Göhrde in Lower Saxony/Germany I feel as if I’m time traveling to an ancient age. Not only does the sudden wide open surprise me each time after having crossed through the tall woods, more astonishing is the change to a historic era so abruptly.

Maybe you wouldn’t notice your feeling of small disturbance the first time you come here, but one day it would struck you, too: indeed, this place is like a Jurassic Park for oaks. Most only the remains can be seen now. The old giants are dead and nearly gone. And – I guess – never to come back again. The giant oaks are gone forever here. Even though the area is marked and protected by law as a Natural Wood Area where forest industry and trade is prohibited, replanting of new oaks seems to be a futile endeavour.

Now in mid-February of 2014 temperatures are way too high for the season. The place should have been bitter cold and covered by snow these days. This week it was not only possible to go for a gentle long distance run but I had to get rid of my windbreaker to endure the continuous warm weather.

Call it a bit far-fetched thoughts about this place and time: But for me foretime and future came together when I strolled over the Breeser Grund and took the photographs of the fallen giants at this visit. I’d say, ghosts not only emerge from past times.

At the Hitzacker Christmas Market

selling handmade soaps

Selling handmade soaps and keeping the resistance against nuclear power up

The cozy mood at the Hitzacker Christmas Market is always a joy to experience for me. Whereas most other markets have surrendered to full blown consumerism and pushing Xmas-Kitsch over the counter, the half day event on the Hitzacker Island has kept the character of a meeting of the village people and of surrounding whereabouts.

It’s more about having a chat in the open with friends and enjoying a Bratwurst or a Glühwein – a hot wine peppered with cinnamon and schnapps – than to do much purchases. You guessed it: Things are getting merry pretty soon – sort of a warm highlight in dark winter times, but everything stays easy.

Hitzacker dwarfs at xmas

Tuning in for xmas mood

Artful handcrafted pottery
Artful handcrafted pottery from a fetching artist

Like to see and to be seen and noticed

Hitzacker Hochwasser 2013

Noch nie seit Beginn der Geschichtsaufzeichnung ist das Wasser der Elbe so hoch gestiegen wie in diesem Jahr. Nicht nur in Hitzacker sondern entlang der gesamten Elbe. Mit der neuen Flutschutzwand und dem Pumpwerk ist Hitzacker bis zum 13.6.2013 glücklicherweise noch gut weggekommen. Die Stadt wurde bislang nicht überflutet. Höchstand waren am 11.6.2013 8,20cm. So hoch wie nie zuvor.Ganz ganz langsam sinkt der Pegel. Nach den aktuellen Hochwasser-Prognosen könnte die Evakuierung in Hitzacker am Samstag dem 15. Juni, um 8 Uhr bei einem Pegelstand von 7,60 m aufgehoben werden. Es wird Monate dauern bis alle Schäden beseitigt worden sind und die überfluteten Bereiche wieder ihr übliches Aussehen zeigen.

Endless high water of River Elbe near Hitzacker

The flooding of the River Elbe in its whole length of over 700km has never in modern history been as high as this year. Wast areas in many parts of Germany have been heavily flooded in June 2013, thousands of families lost their homes and everything they possessed. It will probably take the entire summer for the water to disappear again fully.

Fortunately the dikes around Hitzacker in Lower Saxony withstood until now. They hopefully will hold up until the heavy load of the flood has passed. Still about a week to go until then. The deepest level of our town have been evakuated providently. We all hope for the best.

Blooming Heather – Breeser Grund – Göhrde

Peaceful place to gain some energy back

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. But it’s almost gone by now.


More picture from the Wendland in Lower Saxony:

Shelter from the Heat

in the shadow

Not thinking just resting and munching

Walls and Lines

biking in Dannenberg

Getting confused? Take your time and sort them out, the lines.

Biking in Danneneberg – Wendland – Lower Saxony. See here for more pictures of the beautiful landscape: Im Wendland

Dreaming away and contemplating

sunset -Elbe

Grief changes

“Grief is like a moving river, so that’s what I mean by it’s always changing. It’s a strange thing to say because I’m at heart an optimistic person, but I would say in some ways it just gets worse. It’s just that the more time that passes, the more you miss someone.”
Michelle Williams


In the cathedral

in the cathedral

Crossing the nave

Morning light over River Elbe

Morning Light over River Elbe

The ice on the inundated river is drifting by slowly and adds a tranquil continuity to the winter panorama

Colours of light

Sunset ice glow

Sunset light on ice

Hitzacker at Advent-Night

Advent's Cross

Peace is returning to Hitzacker town

On a little nightwalk through the quite Hitzacker. The Castor has been stopped successfully for many hours and peace is slowly returning to the area. Advent may be still again after the tumultuous demonstration days against the deposition of nuclear waste.

Auf einer kleinen Nachtrunde durch das stille Hitzacker zur Adventszeit. Der Castor ist erfolgreich für viele Stunden aufgehalten worden, langsam kehrt wieder Ruhe in den Landkreis ein. Die Adventszeit darf nach den turbulenten Castortagen wieder still sein.

“Die Debatte um Polizeigewalt und Angriffe auf die Polizei muss geführt werden. Sie sollte aber nicht den Blick darauf verstellen, was der eigentliche Streitpunkt ist: Die Politik der Bundesregierung in Sachen Atommüll-Entsorgung führt nicht zu einer Lösung des Konflikts um Gorleben, sondern verschärft ihn.“   Jochen Stay von