Before the sun came through – dust of snow over the fields

Just a dust of snow

Just a dust of snow

This morning I went up the little path behind my house through the woods to reach the wide open. The snow powdered fields where still overcast but the sun finally made it through. Not more than a white dust covered the ground for the first time this winter. When the light intensified my mood rose with the enforced whiteness, my walk got winged as my spirit, the dark colours subsided with the upcoming light. How nice winter can be!



Taking a late walk on a snowy evening

When I left for the walk, the weather was, as usual in these days, gray and snowy today and not only rainy for a change. The light is returning slowly after solstice and I’m glad I have a little more time before complete darkness sets in. The time before darkness has this special mood I like. You somehow come closer to yourself.