Der Weg zur Unterwelt – Way to netherworld

way to netherworld

Down into the maze at raum2

Kreativität und künstlerische Kraft spiegelt sich in den Objekten, die aus spontanen Aktionen hervorgehen und im gesamten Bereich von raum2 in Tramm anzutreffen sind. Eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre.

A very special place. Living creativity.

Ausstellung/Exhibition during the Kulturelle Landpartie 2015 in raum2 Tramm


Want a new toy – get that little red racer

The  Stones Racer from Lüchow

Red as the fire wind

Belongs to the one and only Rollings Stones Museum in Germany in Lüchow/ Lower Saxony

Weak on the inside

Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle – worth a longer visit

Everybody is equally weak on the inside, just that some present their ruins as new castles and become kings  –  Simona Panova

Fully dedicated at his at soap box derby

at his first soap box derby

in focus

Get into the swing of it


Twirl for met

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas. – Henry Ford

The way of beauty

the way-of-beauty

When the creative impulse sweeps over you, grab it.


“I hated roses. I hated them for being so trite, so clichéd, a default, all-purpose flower that said I love you, I’m sorry, and get well soon. Give me peonies and tulips, orchids or gardenia. Those were flowers with character.”  ― Justina Chen

Enjoying beer and beard

beer and beard

Decision made

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.  – Theodore Roosevelt

Am Sande – Lüneburg by night


Colors of light

See you on the road, Nightrider


Winter adventure


Over the limit

I change and I am the same

Make a choice

Make a choice

From the day we are born, our bodies change and develop; each day our minds transform themselves when we think a new thought or gather new knowledge. So I change daily and am the same, though no longer the same boy that I looked at in the mirror 50 years ago. Perhaps the most astonishing change is the gain in humility I did not ask for.

Calm red on the Hamburg Alster

red vessel on the Alster Hamburg

classic Hamburg Alster scenery

Driving home for Christmas

At Hamburg-Mainstation: Driving home for Christmas

Cenopix Photo

At the Hitzacker Christmas Market

selling handmade soaps

Selling handmade soaps and keeping the resistance against nuclear power up

The cozy mood at the Hitzacker Christmas Market is always a joy to experience for me. Whereas most other markets have surrendered to full blown consumerism and pushing Xmas-Kitsch over the counter, the half day event on the Hitzacker Island has kept the character of a meeting of the village people and of surrounding whereabouts.

It’s more about having a chat in the open with friends and enjoying a Bratwurst or a Glühwein – a hot wine peppered with cinnamon and schnapps – than to do much purchases. You guessed it: Things are getting merry pretty soon – sort of a warm highlight in dark winter times, but everything stays easy.

Hitzacker dwarfs at xmas

Tuning in for xmas mood

Artful handcrafted pottery
Artful handcrafted pottery from a fetching artist

Like to see and to be seen and noticed

Luxury at rest


What money can’t buy

When all these highly expensive shops close for the weekend and the maelstrom of public life quietens down, the full absurdity of consumerism becomes obvious.

Lampionfest im Kurpark in Hitzacker


Zum 7. Mal fand am warmen Freitagabend den 26.7.2013 in Hitzacker das Japanische Lampionfest statt. Die anheimelige, familiäre Atmosphäre des Kurparks war mit seinen wunderbaren alten Bäumen die passende Kulisse für dieses schöne und gelungene Event. Einfach ein schöner Abend.

Erdbeerbecher in Wussegel

Tja,  nach so einer flotten Radtour an der Elbe, hatten wir uns den Schmaus verdient! Und die entspannte Stimmung in dem schönen Kaffeegarten tut das Seine dazu, daß man so richtig in Sommerurlaubstimmung kommt.