Make the tulips bleed – shoot them

soft tulips

Discover your creative vein – tulips in front of the sofa cushions

If you attempt for a gripping atmosphere in your photographs you will want to try new ways of shooting. Going for a little playing around is an enjoyable task on a lousy November weekend. The weather is too damnable to take a chance outdoor, you have time in abundance and no more longing to get distracted? Why not indulge in an experimental table top shooting with your impressive equipment? Your cameras and lenses and all the valuable stuff is waiting for you to take up the self selected challenge.

Impress your best part and ask her kindly to lend you for an hour or two her latest flower arrangement. Make a simple and quick setup for the start and get going shooting. Move. Move a lot around your object and try to find interesting angles of view and compositions of light. Don’t try too hard to get it right. What’s right anyway? After having done the correct exposures go bold. Shoot as you never did before and free yourself from rules, break your habits or better: get to know your standard way of shooting.

You might find it very rewarding not to discard your “failures” at once. Don’t think like a technician, go for the emotional side of the images and be aware of why you like the one better than the other. Try explicitly to formulate your feelings in regard to the different results. By and by you will realize that your quest for new ways of seeing enlarged your toolbox of photographic techniques. Both go inextricably together.

When the long and rainy November afternoon seems way too boring, take your chance and make the tulips bleed. Shoot them. And allow yourself to discover your creative vein.


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